The Giveaway Linkup

Welcome to the Giveaway Linkup!

This is a place for bloggers & blog readers to share & find all the great CURRENT giveaways on the blogosphere!

The concept is simple: Bloggers Post Giveaway & Readers Find them and enter!

Here’s how it works:

If you’re a blogger….

Leave a comment with your giveaway(s) in the following format (one comment per giveaway, please):

Blog Name:
Giveaway Link:
Giveaway Prize(s):
Giveaway End Date & Time (please note time zone, EST is preferred):
Entry Rules (Such as limited to US residents only, etc):

This format is required for every giveaway comment & any comments here without this format will be deleted. If you have something you’d like to say about the giveaway link up other than posting an actual giveaway, please leave a comment on my latest blog entry or e-mail me at JenniferLeighBlog <at> Gmail <dot> com

If you’re a blog reader….

Scroll through the comments & enter the giveaways! It’s that simple. Keep visiting to learn about all the latest Giveaways!

My promise to bloggers & blog readers:

  1. All Comments will be moderated to ensure these are real giveaways
  2. All comments will be posted within 24-hours (and in most cases, MUCH quicker than that)
  3. Each comment will be deleted within 24-hours of the giveaway ending to ensure you’re seeing a list of LIVE giveaways.

Yes, it’s that simple. So get to it, post your giveaways & get to entering now!

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